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An akashic records reading assists you receive clarity, discover your soul’s purpose, skills, abilities, and insight about your life. To start the akashic records trainings you receive these 6 activations that will help you in your connections in order to do this work:. If you’re interested in glimpsing into the universe’s infinite store of knowledge, then here’s everything you need to know about accessing the akashic records and learning everything you could possibly want to know, and more. Amanda's experience with the akashic records is extensive; over the past decade she has worked with indigenous elders and shamans in the realm of sacred site energy, ritual, and egyptian initiation. ​"i had an akashic record reading with victoria which was completely life changing. If you’re looking for a way to find your life path, clear old karma, or heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, the records will give you all the answers you're seeking and the infinite wisdom of the akashic records will gracefully open the door to the records. I re-read the reading many times and after a few days i was able to clearly. The akashic records is the energy, the vibration, the ether, and the love that is present in everything. People access the akashic records often through intuition, prayer, meditation, and flashes of insight. The akashic records can be accessed as well through your connection to your spiritual guides or through an out of body experience. The "a-field" holds the record of all that has ever happened in life, on earth, and in the cosmos and relates it to all that has yet to happen. Living your quantum success, explores these principles and offers insight, advice, and readings to people all over the world. Cayce was able to go to into a sleep-like trance and access the akashic records. Psychic readings including families buying dad or somebody a reading. How is negativity created in my akashic record. When it comes to things like an akashic reading, you will find that there are some people who are into it and then there are some people who are a bit more skeptic. Other applications of akashic readings: akashic readings are not just for humans, they are. And it is all of the above, stuff, papers and emotions… you are right, i have several e-books in the works hope i can find time to finish soon, but clearing the clutter has become something of a priority… so thanks, this reading was very helpful. At this time you may have a question you would like to ask of the records or you may choose to continue to 'hold the energy' by breathing in deeply (like in meditation) and allow me to share some of the  images and messages that the records are showing me. Working with me, an akashic empowerment expert, can give you immediate results. However reincarnation is assumed by those who work in the records, as we are able to receive past life information as well as present life. What does having access to your akashic records do for you. The akashic records are a dimension of consciousness which is far more vast, complex, and high vibrational than can be explained in terms of a library or computer. The reading began by the lady saying a prayer aloud which tuned her in and ensured we were both divinely protected by our attunement. Call deb haynie to schedule a personal reading. Another interesting facet of the akashic records is the ability to heal through them. Akashic records reading vs a psychic reading – what’s the difference. Simply put, the akashic records are the energetic record of your soul’s journey. Really got me moving forward on my spiritual journey and also encouraged me to learn how to read the akashic records for others. Do leave a comment if you’ve got any other questions about the akashic record in general. Readings are as private as your most deep secrets. The benefits of this reading. Session is my foundational work in the akashic records. Readings relating to the akashic records will not be available as roberta had a unique talent with her link to the spirit realm and there are no other readers to be recommended. Question#3:"since you can access the akashic records, are you able and permitted to tell me such things as what am i supposed to be doing next. When i read your these records for my clients, imagine it like me walking into a library that contains everything about your past lives, your current life, and even you future. Free akashic heart centering meditation. Many clients move onto spirit guide readings and property clearing. I don't know about the resources mentioned above, but if you're truly interested in learning about this, i would recommend "your book of life: accessing the akashic records" by gary bonnell, if it's still in print. The akashic records are the energetic records of your soul that holds all information about the cosmic truth of who you really are. These modules of the akashic records institute is all about you. I recently had an akashic record reading with shelly. Her website last year and ordered comprehensive akashic reports for me and my. " my next question was, "how can i do that when my son's wedding is taking place in the middle of the akashic records course. The akashic records or the astral light constitute the great record books of the past. The vibration of that name then makes available to us the "set of records" that contain the information that will be most relevant during the reading. Without the akashic records, human ingenuity, technology and invention would not be possible. In our time of technology, it is easier to imagine the akashic records or “the book of life” as  the universe computer system with the memory storage  of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. Another perspective [documentation needed] is that the records are a static set of all moments experienced by all sentient beings throughout time. Edgar cayce, the akashic records can be seen. The akashic records reading basic is a shorter version of the. By accessing the akashic records in a psychic reading, i can obtain a great deal of information about the journey of a person's soul through this lifetime and others. ” in fact, all akashic records could be thought of as photographic, or perhaps holographic, since they are not merely visual, but multidimensional—when we look through the “window” the records provide, we see the total experience. You are most welcome to record it or take notes. However, i have read that we are bumping into our records all the time. It was a great reading. Accessing my masters, teachers and loved ones in the akashic records is like having my best friends, confidants and advisors with me ~ there to assist and serve me in the highest and best ways, with perfect, divine guidance in all areas of my life, whenever i need them. -- how does past-life healing occur in the akashic records. How can we use the akashic records. Receive an akashic records spiritual attunement. Science and the akashic field, he states:. My mind that i wanted the akashic records. There is no distillation of the akashic records except through the evolution of those who had the experiences those records record. The pathway prayer process is part of the "sacred prayer" tradition of accessing the records. At the end of the reading, i close your akashic records. When i first heard about the akashic records, it was as if i just heard a song from childhood, a memorable refrain almost forgotten, that brought me back to another time.  today, those readings -- more than 14,000 of them -- are available to the public and provide a wealth of information about the akashic records themselves, as well as answers to thousands of questions related to health and spirituality. As an akashic records reader, it’s interesting to note patterns when clients visit me for a reading, either online or face-to-face. I usually do all my research before we talk on the phone, so please be aware that i spend a lot of time on your reading before we actually talk on the phone. Recorder took those records as compiled, with that gained. It helps you understand yourself better; the final product of a numerology reading is a presentation of “the whole picture. An akashic records reading is like doing a google™ search into this huge database. Because it covers very specific and in depth information about why you are here and what you are here to do, you should only book an akashic soul reading if you are sincere about wanting to learn, grow and evolve spiritually. The akashic records contains all information on your soul’s history since the very first start of existence. The akashic records are a treasury of your personal experiences and knowledge of the past, present and future… the record of your soul’s every thought, word, action, desire and emotion. This way, whatever lifetime we are in, we can gain entry and find the blueprint, or the "record," of our individual soul, and examine the path to its realization. Akashic records / akashic field / book of life. So what is akasha, and how do we access the akashic records. If you are adept, you can gain much information by working with your record keepers. You'll want to continue to record yourself on a daily basis, but it is important that you record every thought and even every action that you take. During your akashic record session i quickly find and clear negative past-life karma affecting you now, energies, contracts, and anything negative or repressive you keep bringing to your lifetimes by finding out the origin of it. Each reading with me is meant to be a healing and spiritual experience. This is a good book if one wants to understand the purpose of the akashic records in relation to the past, present and future and how it plays an "integral" role in our every waking - and sleeping - moments. Similarly, nonphysical entities must research and exercise wise judgment, based on deep understanding, in order to accurately interpret akashic records. My akashic session with you was just what i needed to move forward on several different areas in my life where i was “stuck. In my akashic records reading with marijo puleo, i found myself held in a space with real love and insight straight into my heart. The akashic records are maintained by the guides or keepers of the akashic records for the purpose of providing information and healing. Get mini readings, there are many psychics in portland, oregon with introductory offers. (note: akashic practitioner certification and advanced trainings, plus other akashic workshops, are taught by group organizer barbara schiffman. Time does not exist in the records as they are eternal. You can, then, ask the questions that you have prepared (see preparing for an akashic records reading). With this portion of your akashic record reading i look into your primary life lesson, where it is manifesting in your life at this time, and how far along. Although a 3 page reading for one person may have an entirely different profile of information than another person, the amount of pages will always provide the information you are supposed to receive. Does the reading have to be done in-person. Now,i know they aren't the same thing as the records (or am i mistaken. This 60 minute session introduces you to the akashic records in great depth and helps you to see yourself from your soul’s perspective on your spiritual journey. To put it simply, akashic records contain every thought, action and word that has ever existed. The entity's soul mind drew upon the records that are made. To a certain extent it will depend on your ability to ‘still yourself’ and or to ‘turn your subtle senses to the subtle environment and associated subtle phenomenon’ while having an ‘intent’ to access these records directly. O the plenum not only conserves and transmits energy but also records and conveys information. Ready to get started with an akashic records reading.   the akashic records are protected by spiritual beings who are referred to as the guides, the keepers, or the guardians of the akashic records. Learn to connect with the keepers of the records, angels and family members that also visit the records. Are seeking training and experience in reading the records for themselves &/or others.

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I loved that her approach to the reading was organized, yet interactive. Benefits of an akashic record / career reading. Cayce repeatedly emphasized that even though the memories in the akashic records might explain a person's desires and the experiences he chooses to draw to himself, humans always have the freedom of choice to react in a positive way. Have you discovered your akashic field. Being able to access these akashic records is truly priceless. I feel that an individually channeled personal message from the akashic records pulls everything together and adds more depth to the reading. How do we access the akashic records. I felt that the reading was from a universal perspective and observing me from. I can only refund the money if you let me know before i have started researching the akashic records on your behalf. The wisdom and knowledge encoded in akashic records is sacred. During the course of a reading and healing, a practitioner accesses the hall of records where all soul records are stored. I stopped the reading in mid-sentence and asked for an explanation as to how my name could be mentioned. In their essence, working with the akashic records will supply you with:. She will send you an audio recording of the reading in an email. Her akashic records readings and ability to relay messages from my spirit team have enhanced my life beyond measure. The akashic records, also known as the book of life, are a record of every soul and its journey and hold the truth and wisdom of who you really are. While holding the intention of finding the akashic records firmly in. With the help of my guardian angels and spirit guides, i travel into the astral planes and to enter the library where the person’s akashic records are housed. Reading from your soul book. This may allow you to access the records and find the answer in a dream. Bring something to record any information you receive. I asked hajira how she knew what was in the records and she explained that she connects to the energy field at the spiritual level of the individual’s akashic record. Get the clarity you need with an akashic record reading today. You may even have accessed your records before but weren’t conscious of it. However, i will start a collaborative meta-research (research on research) project titled “akashic physics roadmap” to scan scientific articles and books and find, review, cross-reference, and discuss the most interesting and promising ideas. ” the akashic records are also known as, the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious, the collective subconscious and the soul records. Ancient aliens and its pundits are simply wrong about every aspect of the allege akashic records. What to expect from an akashic records reading. Suggested preparation before a session  read more. Records is that we already possess the answers to all of the questions. Create a list of 5-10 questions you’d like to ask your record keepers. An akashic reading is truly a very personal and positive experience. Akashic records become more accessible to our whole essence, and ultimately, our records will be distilled into the akashic plane, contributing to the knowledge of all the planes and the tao. The power of the akashic records. I feel so in awe and inspired following this reading with arati. (by the way, we open another person’s records only with the permission of that person. Your reading is very much about where you are in the exact moment of asking the questions. Akashic record reading and clearing report. During the call you and i will discuss any questions you might have from your reading, outside your records. Instead the way one is able to receive information and have experiences in and of the akashic record. Join us in the next akashic records training. Akashic because it is composed of akasha, (the energetic substance from which all life is formed); and records, because its objective is to record all life experience. Your personal akashic records holds information about your past lives, present life, and possible future lives. How to know an akashic records reader. Today, thousands of people have powerful relationships with the akashic records. – i open my own akashic records often to build the relationship with my own masters, teachers and loved ones. To learn to access their own records. The akashic records are an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space. "i am at the 6th week and enjoying reading my soul book. Tips: to get the most from your reading, it is important to have a clear, objective (know what you want to achieve from the reading). Book an akashic records reading with me today. The akashic records are our shared resource throughout the history of this universe. What some of us call the akashic records (or the collective consciousness or unified/akashic field) seems related to her suggestion to "use humankind's best knowledge to consciously contribute to the ongoing evolution" of our understanding of god. Go to ask the akasha now to request an akashic consultation through this channel. Your guides may take the reading in a direction we cannot foresee. Readings from the akashic records. What is more important is the fact that the akashic records hold the key to understanding the unique and divine nature of our souls. The akashic records are metaphorically described as a library but also likened to a universal computer or the 'mind of god'. Have you told your story in your akashic records without needing to have the answer first. That information is ingrained in a part of the akashic record that is freely available to all who seek access. A new vibrational key to align with divine energy and access the akashic record for another. Through an akashic records reading, it is possible to.   well, to me as a computer man, this means only one thing: that somewhere in the universe is this gigantic database — many, many magnitudes greater than all that google can or will ever be — in which all things are recorded. As i see it, the hall of the akashic records is like the library of congress of the soul, and to have access to that hall is the most incredible thing because we can retrieve information that lies deep in our own souls history. The akashic records also include information about your past lives.   learning to go deeper into your akashic records for powerful healing and transformation:  your inner child and your future self progression. I give akashic record readings over the phone between 5:00 p. How to access your akashic records: the perfect prayer. We all have a personal akashic record, which literally ‘records’ all our thoughts, actions, emotions, issues and circumstances from this life, our past lives too . It is true that the akashic records can bring us great peace. How prepared the both of you are – you will know how spiritually and mentally evolved your soulmate is through an akashic record reading. If you’ve probably read my last week article on what are the akashic records then you’ve probably anticipated today’s article.

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I'd love to get some simmilar reading. With the akashic records you will be able to see history repeat itself and you will also be able to learn from your own mistakes so that you don't repeat history.  holly understands that the best teachers are lifelong students and is continually learning, not only from all the akashic knowing school of wisdom teachers, but from her students as well. The akashic records can be accessed and experienced within the astral planes (during obes) or with clairvoyance, remote viewing, and other psychic abilities. What are the akashic records. The term akashic records refers to the “hidden library” that exists in the universe, a hidden hall of records that can be uncovered by diving into your subconscious mind in a deep meditative state. What exactly are akashic record readings. Accessing information from the akashic. And he could “read” these impressions. What people are saying about pamela and the akashic keepers. What if access to the record is denied. Once accessible to rare spiritual masters, now the records are available to anyone—anytime, anywhere. “you had scrutinized my every action, all were recorded in your book, my days listed and determined, even before the first of them occurred. According to many who work within the akashic records, it’s an etheric field, a formidable storehouse, if you will, of every thought, deed, or word ever conceived or experienced by the souls of our planet earth. If you think of the power of your internet and the way it holds the information of the world these days, then the akashic records can be likened to an internet of the astral world, organized and controlled by god. Get to the hall of records, cayce would put himself. After her meditation and visit to the hall of records, mona types up a report which she then sends to the client via email. You can listen to the reading as many times as you like. Today those readings — more than fourteen thousand of them — are available to the public and provide a wealth of information about the akashic records themselves, as well as answers to thousands of questions related to health and spirituality. You'll want to keep in mind that the individual record will come from their pathway of prayer. I have my book of akashic records lying there," says hans. “i had my first akashic record reading with andy and was blown away. The only requirements are that we be sure we are using them with integrity and pure intention and within the general guidelines which are laid out for us by the records (this is explained in more detail during the class). And you can safely download your risk free copy of read akashic records from the special discount link below. Do i have to access the akashic records in a secret way.  in the course of a reading, i begin by saying a prayer, "beloved spirit, angels of light, beings of light, beloved i am, beloved all, beloved om, please be with us now and give us a good and accurate reading, messages and guidance for _________. People come to me for an akashic records consultation when they have questions about their soul purpose or their business, or both. There will be further work in the akashic records for ourselves and others. In the process of opening the records for ourselves or others, we transition from a state of ordinary human consciousness to a state of divine universal consciousness in which we recognize our oneness with the divine at all levels. Look into the akashic records to answers your questions. I suspect that economics, and not the akashic records on the astral plane, are the driving imperative behind the astrologers' curious leaves. Now you’ve experienced an akashic record reading, you can request one for yourself by clicking here. To see myself through the eyes of the lords of the records,. The akashic records are an enormous library or "database" that contains the information about each soul and its journey throughout all of its lifetimes. Free recorded question/answer session based on this class. It can be read to reveal a soul’s past lives and present purpose and any stumbling blocks, unfinished business and outdated agendas that may be getting in the way. In your own akashic records. One day in mediation i was shown the records on the quantum field and my guides asked me to put a class together to show others how to easily access their records, not on the lower planes but on the quantum field. Based on an individual’s responses in the past, the akashic seer/reader can investigate probable future responses and give the highest future probability. You can also read the records of pets, of a home, of a company or of public monuments, buildings, etc. In the energy of the records is the truth of the oneness and as i continue to move with the akasha i anchor myself more and more in that knowing. And just as reading books and working with teachers and groups may assist our growth, it is similar for them.  with returning clients or special situations, it is also possible to do a very focused reading in 30 minutes.   since both these techniques do involve going into a trance state the real technique to access the akashic records is through trance coupled with the intention to read them. Akashic records: what the heck are they. In theosophy and other new age-related faiths, the akashic records are records of all knowledge, including all human experience down to the finest detail, held in the universe. Despite claims that the akashic records have been used by mystics throughout history, the term itself, along with the concept of an aetheric library, originated with the 19th century movement of theosophy. Future records are generated by these lingering energies. The akashic records can be thought of as an energetic database that holds every piece of information about everything ever known or that will be known. Whether or not i believe in the akashic records doesn't really matter when reading this book - which i treated as a 'self-help'. They can also be used for meditation, visualization, or magical practices that you can incorporate into your own reading practice. The records are said to be protected by entities known as record keepers or guardians, who ensure that they are only seen by people with permission to do so, and that nobody discovers information that they aren't ready to know yet. Last second decided to put this under a read-more because i’m a wuss. They are records that record and keep in memory every person’s thoughts, feelings, and deeds from time immemorial. Reading the akashic records for a home for sale, or another’s home, with their permission*. It seems that the akashic records and mentoring are what i came here to do since i love supporting others in their spiritual life. If the answer is yes to any of the above scenarios so akashic records reading is definitely  for you.    schema:description "an opening meditation : the pillar of light -- how to read the akashic records -- an introduction to the akashic records -- what are the akashic records. Since together we are consulting your own akashic record, this reading is very specific to your own questions and focuses on your. For the past 23 years, i have been working in the dimension of consciousness known as the akashic records, archive of our souls’ past, present, and future possibilities. How i see it, if your life today was a book, the akashic records would be the spaces in between the words, making everything you’re experiencing and doing actually make sense. Drawing from more than 15 years' experience with the akashic records, howe teaches us:. *note:  for people under 18 years of age i do not open their akashic records. This zero-point akashic field, or "a-field" as laszlo calls it, is not only the original source of all things that arise in time and space; it is also the constant and enduring memory of the universe. Jones show you ancient indian spiritual secrets to reading akashic records read akashic records. Explore the essential consciousness concepts of the records, excavate the obstructing beliefs on your path, and learn how to realign to your soul’s highest purposes. Apart from recording the events that occur in your life, they record every act, deed, word, thought, feeling, emotion, intent, and motive. During an akashic records consultation, i open your records and connect with your spirit guides and channel their messages and answers back to you. So, akashic records aren’t a book from the afterlife, but rather a distinct flow of divinity and its knowledge that is translated into the precise moment. This book describes the truth according to one way of reading and accessing the akashic records. I’ve noticed that many students, while having access to the akashic records, are actually doing more psychic work than downloading from the records. Genuine curiosity about the nature of an akashic records reading.

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It would make sense that some people would be better at reading than others, or have their nose a little deeper in the book at all times. There are really three main reasons for accessing the akashic records that we focus on in soul realignment™. – i don’t drink alcohol at least 24 hours before a reading (it makes the edges of my energy field floppy and the reading won’t be as good). Here is a little more information so you are fully prepared for the reading. Within the akashic records, you see from the point of view of your soul. I thought it would be much more difficult but linda makes it so calm and easy and her pillar of light meditation is amazing. Each of these topics is briefly introduced below, so please, read on. He believed that revealing the past for a person in his readings was useful to bring about conscious awareness of the soul's growth. We’re able to perceive through the illusions we’ve created with our ego and realize that raising our frequency helps us stay connected to this pool of information called akashic records. For more information, please download the free report: “how to access the akashic records. We are all connected to the records naturally and can access by relaxing and learning different techniques and insights described in this book. They are based on an ancient hindu idea that there’s a place in the universe where every deed and thought of a person are recorded. We can ask questions and be healed/heal our clients, we use the pathway prayer process, which is part of the “sacred prayer” tradition, to access the records. You'll find that there is some preparation needed in order for you to take a reading. The actual reading may take different forms according to your needs at the time, but a number of different experiences might be in store for you, depending on your openness and readiness, it might include. Akashic records provide all the information and understanding so one can take appropriate action. Testimonials for kristi’s akashic records readings. Allow 2 hours total for a 90 minute reading plus pre-reading guided meditation and post processing. Bring something to record any information you receive, such as notebook and pen. The akashic records hold the history and blueprint of each and every soul and their journey through time, including every intention, purpose, thought, word, and deed. The benefit of this type of reading is that mona is able to go into your souls records to discover the overarching journey of your soul and how to clear any blocks that are getting in the way of allowing you to find your joy and success. Diantha has trained for three years with linda howe, the lead teacher in the usa for akashic records reading. The record is accessed through a meditation or prayer. However, no-one can access another person’s records without their permission. Booking a reading for someone else, no matter how well-meaning your intentions are, never really works (unless it is a gift for someone who has verbally expressed their desire for such a reading).   after the initial reading, she trained me to do readings and clearings in the months to follow. When i access your record, you have a direct line to your masters, teachers and loved ones.  (some weeks later, i realized linda herself was offering course in los angeles, but i was in florida at the time). The process includes a visualization and a blessing that creates sacred space and clear connection with the guides of the akashic records. “how will i know when to have a reading. He believed that accessing the akashic records would be a source of hopefulness and helpfulness to the person concerned. I teach my students to access the information in the records using a pendulum, as this is the most reliable and accurate way to access the info. Eventually, you will become able to access your own personal akashic record using hearing, sight, or even a certain awareness in your body, allowing you to just “know” things. It is the overall record for the universe. He further believed that the records are inscribed on some kind of "etheric energy" similar in nature to the energy of thought. When they read the selected passage they feel that they have found an appropriate response which pertains directly to their query. A few tips to accessing the akashic records. Many people have claimed that the akashic records are magical, mysterious, and even hold occult power. So what are the akashic records. Akashic records reading for relationships. The instinctive (neutral) center is the location of a person’s individual akashic records; it interpenetrates the other centers and stores their memories there; it is the seat of the subconscious. Some are able to easily access the akashic field through meditation, others through specific prayers and frequencies. The knowledge contained in the akashic records is imprinted upon a subtle substance called the akasha. The akashic records are the library of the universe.   apart from the therapeutic readings, cayce was asked, and he answered in his sleep, questions on the fabled atlantis, dreams, synchronicity, karma, chakras, meditation, reincarnation, and the akashic records. An example of one who many claimed successfully read the akashic records. I was astounded by what i discovered after doing my akashic reading with marijo. Linda howe's process for reading the akashic records is empowering, inspiring and evolutionary.   it’s called the akashic tarot, and each card was designed to help you tap the akashic forces and get the answers you seek in immediate and very clear ways. Most times you will be able to read your book just as if you were watching a television screen. Through numerous meditations, readings and channeling, jason gathered many tools to address thoughts and beliefs that restrain acceleration of our spiritual growth. The sacred pathway prayer for entering the akashic records. A: akashic record readings are based on energetic blueprints. It acts like a fingerprint which is embedded and encoded in into the akasha, thus showing up as your personal akashic record. You will learn to access your own akashic records, discover the gifts you need to express so you can live your life with purpose. Akashic records” and is there a way to get rid of negative subconsciously controlling stress. The record is an experiential body of wisdom, insight, guidance, and healing information. I have been reading a book called "how to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey" by linda howe. Make sure you have a quiet and private space to be in during the reading where you won't be distracted. The akashic records are believed to contain information about every individual who ever lived and many psychics work by 'tuning in' to the information about their client on a clairvoyant level. What is in the akashic records. Learn some of the history and application of the records. We can use the akashic records as our own satsang tool. ” in fact, all akashic records could be thought of as photographic, or perhaps holographic, since they are not merely visual, but multidimensional—when we look through the “window” the records provide, we see the total experience. Every thought, emotion, action, and experience is recorded. “edgar cayce on the akashic records: the book of life.   working with the forgiveness prayer as prescribed in my akashic records helped me shift out of the heaviness of the belief i was given that "i am not enough. Walters is also a personal growth consultant, life coach and certified reality therapist in private practice and can assist in the assimilation and practical application of the information received in your reading. Akashic record property reading and clearing. Accessing your akashic records leads you to discover your soul’s purpose and gives you a jump start on any spiritual work you may be doing in this lifetime.

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“how to read the akashic records” is now available to purchase online at sacred source book shop. With each card, you can connect with a powerful akashic force and open to the psychic currents that are always flowing between you and the akashic realm. The length of the reading or schedule a follow-up reading. Knowledge downloaded into my recorder cell from the greater akashic, thoth. What are the akashic records. You can put the akashic records in the palm of your hand with the akashic tarot. This raises the energetic vibration and allows me to access your akashic record. Those who go questioning in the records will ideally know about:. Be gained through such channels, as to how such records of. First let me begin by expressing my great appreciation for your incredible, life changing gift of an akashic reading today. Before shelly’s reading of my akashic record, i considered myself a highly functioning crazy person. The akashic record can be summed up as any thoughts which has been previously thought in the history of this universe or any universe. My records have provided many very specific details regarding everyone involved over the past 23 months, all of which have checked out to be accurate. I am currently working on a level 2 akashic records class and a few other projects. I was completely blown away by my akashic record reading with shelly.   state:  “thank you masters, teachers and loved ones, please close my akashic records. In a group setting we open the records of all in attendance and everyone has the opportunity to ask questions. The depth of her connection with the akashic records will activate deep personal growth within you. There are various ways of accessing the energy of the akashic records like trance channelling, meditations, sacred prayers, breathing techniques etc. They have their teachers, groups, and “books,” only their books are nonphysical—they are in the akashic records. The intention of the reading is to help you balance your soul’s intent with your physical being’s desires so that you may live fully in this present moment. To connect with the spirit world and receive akashic record messages from angels, guides and family members.   the record is known in every spiritual tradition.   the akashic records are sacred, but they have practical use as well. They are a permanent record of every thought, perception, and event that has ever occurred, like a huge and infinitely detailed history book, where past events can be accessed, viewed, and even experienced firsthand. It's possible an experience my daughter lani and i had many years ago might in fact have been us entering our akashic records simultaneously. “lisa barnett has helped thousands access their akashic records and find the unique solutions that work for them. The concept of the akashic records has been referred to in every spiritual tradition on the planet. I’ve known of the concept of the akashic records since i was very young, but hadn’t ever applied it to universal interconnectivity in this sense before. Learn to read the akashic records class. For example, our physical body has an akashic record of all that it has experienced; that record will ultimately be distilled and integrated into the akashic plane. “i went into the reading with an open mind and open heart and was so surprised at the reading i received. I do readings professionally also so it’s always wonderful to get confirmations to make sure i’m receiving them clearly and not from ego. How can an akashic record reading help me. Here’s a short video about the akashic records:. Soon after, he was lead to study the akashic records. Akashic record of another soul. “i don’t know how you do it but your readings always make me feel so much better and bring me more clarity. After you receive the reading, you have 24 hours to ask questions about your reading. After we build the field and intend the connection with the field of the akashic records, enjoy the wonderful experiences. An akashic records reading is designed to help you grow as a soul. Inside record books, you will see titles, pictures, images,.  his conceptualization of the akashic hypothesis runs thus:.  a reading allows you to access the akashic records and ask questions about your life, past, present and future. Akashic records reading is right for you. The akashic records, also called the book of life, is named after the sanskrit word, akasha - the most basic field of energy from which all else manifests. ” they believed that any clairvoyant could see – or read – the akashic records. Can anyone get an akashic records reading. Note 1 i usually start off with asking your soul if i have the permission to clear your records. Using the records to create future potentials. What are the akashic records. To enjoy four sessions + coaching together tap here to find a time to connect for your first reading. There are higher and lower akashic. It is said that the akashic records are a library where the memory of our soul is kept. What i can say is that if everything is recorded, there are good grounds for believing in the existence of a moral order in the universe. Here, while he suggests that the records are related to the “eternal,” he states that only impressions of past events can be retrieved by the psychic voyager. Contributions to the akashic noir series are bound by mood: our authors are challenged to capture the sometimes intangible moods of “noir” and of “place”.   this reading had me going back to the buffet and grabbing things i had never tried. An  akashic consultation is not about prediction, and is energetically different than engaging with the psychic realm. It is a structured process for accessing the wisdom in the akashic records and obtaining specific information about a soul or property, along with clearing negativity in the records. The akashic records are a library that holds the thoughts, emotions, experiences of everything on the planet from the beginning of time.   because i so believe in the tremendous value and support that an akashic record reading can provide for you – i have expanded how i am offering this powerful process:. D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. Use the wisdom in your own akashic record to deprogram yourself out of fear and control and reprogram yourself into love. Although the "akashic records" are available. Though the lords of the records and the akashic masters are non-physical beings, some of the teachers, and all of the loved ones, have existed before as humans on earth. Akashic records in a way. They exist as a fluid vibrational record of your soul’s journey on the 6th plane of existence, without time limits, boundaries or dimensions.

Usually, however, the masters, teachers, and loved ones prefer to remain anonymous so that we will learn to rely on the energy of the records rather than on specific identities in the records. Accessing akashic records – what they are and how to access them. You can ask anything you desire during an akashic record reading. I went into this book excitedly seeking a different approach to the records. Contained in your akashic records. Edgar cayce, who is probably the most famous “akashic records reader. Mona, who exhibited a deep sense of soul knowledge from a young age, is a gifted life coach, reiki master, hypnotist, and akashic reader.  there you will work with your masters, teachers, and loved ones to cultivate a rich relationship with the records and ultimately learn to unleash your highest potential. Why would you want your akashic records read. What to expect from your akashic records reading. Can i book a reading, even though i am skeptical and don’t believe in the akashic records. I recommend an akashic record reading for all my first-time clients. Akashic records readings are not fortune telling and don't give predictions for your future. So first of all, what exactly are the akashic records. You carry the energetic copy of your own akashic records. Ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness. The astral records manifest physically at the appropriate time and place.   in 2013, i became certified by linda howe as an advanced akashic records reader practitioner (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it. Can also obtain a psychic reading from a talented sensitive. It’s true that the akashic record is full of any information that you might want to know about yourself or others. Imagine that you could give a reading to someone, which makes their whole life up until now, make more sense. It is a hallwithout walls, without ceiling, but i am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom i seek information. As beginning students, i encourage you to be open to however you are receiving the energy and information from the records (too much concern in this area can block one from receiving) but as advanced students and those looking to develop as practitioners, it is important to know the difference. By learning and practicing how to give akashic consultations, you will be able to help bring clarity, insight, and understanding to others through the akashic field. Records, because its objective is to record all life experiences. It is a reading of the energy of your soul. It does not matter if you had a reading with me before, as long as your last reading. These records are not set in stone. Think it's the most perfect place in the world to have a reading. Akashic record reading isn't a tool for predicting the future. There is no need to “test” your records or jen to see if they are “real. “i want to express my thanks for an inspirational  “open my eyes” reading of my akashic records. Simply telling your story in the records will change the way you look and feel about your situation. When your reading is ready, i will email your report, which is usually approximately 12-15 pages. Access the akashic wisdom for another (your first step to becoming a certified akashic record consultant). Ask to be surrounded with divine white light, and call upon archangel metatron to help you access the akashic record for knowledge, wisdom, healing, and truth. Akashic record reading is not the same as a past life regression. If the reading will be in-person, payment may be made at time of reading in cash, bank check or credit card. Once accessible to rare spiritual masters, now the records are available to anyone--anytime, anywhere. We enter the records with a prayer and your legal name, and we end with a prayer, sealing the reading with sacred intentions and creating a space for you where you are safe, protected, and at peace. The main technique i use for obtaining information from your akashic record is through a process called dowsing. The records help us understand:. (i can not do an akashic record reading without directly expressed permission. The starting places things you do to get ready to read the records, and ask to see them,; all  to get you in sacred space of meditation. During the reading you will gain a better understanding and awareness of your path. I found the reading very reassuring, almost like deep down i knew everything she had told me already but i needed the confirmation to put my mind at ease that i was on the right track. Particular book provided a voyage not only into the akashic. Have you ever wondered the types of things we talk about during an akashic records reading. You have to start by learning that the akashic record is. Even though it's believed that the akashic records are available for anyone to read, two individuals could interpret the same information differently, depending on their background, beliefs, experiences and intentions. To book a reading, send your questions or the what you want to know. Reading and understanding the akashic records of your soul, helps you gain valuable insight on your soul’s journey or path. Every being on the planet can access the areas of the akashic records of which their soul plays a part. The final section provides an in-depth examination of techniques used by one of the most famous readers of akashic records. The records are organized much like a library. During this powerful class you will be taught how to access yours and others records. Com/ below, i explain more about the akashic records:. An akashic record reading and healing will also change your manifesting patterns and connect you more fully with your soul group and mission. How to access and read your akashic records. Information you get from the records comes from a divine consciousness that is beyond and greater than your intuition, so it doesn´t matter whether you consider yourself intuitive or not, though your intuition will get a lot stronger after you´ve been working in the records for a time. From beginning to end, she is able to relate the information in such a way that your confidence increases to the point where you totally believe in yourself and your ability to read the akashic records. However, now that you have read this guide to akashic records life path readings, six common questions, and their answers, you should have some idea if this one is right for you as well as how to handle the experience. How often should i have an akashic reading. From there he continued up into the hall of records, this place with no walls, a place with no place. To programme future records to accelerate goals and desires.  an akashic record reading gives voice to, makes known, the soul’s sacred understanding. Blog, right menu: akashic wisdom.   in 2013, i became certified by linda howe as an advanced akashic records reader practitioner. It remains unclear whether or not intuitive readings and akashic record readings do always differ, or whether those experiences simply vary between individual mediums. As a realm unto itself, the akashic records exist as an ongoing recording of each soul’s journeys through the earth realm. To access and use the akashic records during psychic readings:. Reading through the records on yourself can be an extremely exciting and incredible experience, giving you access to your countless past lives.